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Our Philosophy

​Glass House Dance is dance training reimagined! We are committed to developing new and innovative approaches in teaching pedagogy that will instill students with a respect, love and passion for dance! While Glass House is devoted to developing world-class dancers with a strong technical foundation, we recognize that our responsibility is something much greater. We are committed to providing an establishment with a positive culture and a deep sense of community. We are dedicated to offering dance instruction in a positive and safe learning environment, that promotes artistic growth, self-confidence and self-expression. Our loyalty lies not only with aiding students in developing their craft but also with guiding their character development into becoming successful and responsible adults. 

Featured FOUR times in national dance magazines

Glass House Dance, our progressive teaching philosophies and innovative recital experience have been featured in four national dance magazine articles in the last 3 years! Please take a moment to read the articles in the September 2016 issue of Inside Dance Magazine & the January 2017  issue of Dance Informa Magazine, the November 2017 issue of Dance Informa Magazine and most recently the September 2019 issue of Inside Dance Magazine.

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To read the full article please click the image below.

To read the full article please click on the image below.