Glass House is a 4,200 square foot facility, comprised of four dance rooms!  One way viewing windows into every dance room gives parents daily opportunities for class observations, without worry of becoming a distraction to the dancers taking class. We never obstruct your view to observe! 


Spacious front lobby with cozy couches and chairs, equipped with 6 flat screen TVs throughout, all make Glass House comfortable & feel like a second home. Two private bathrooms, changing table, bar tops to eat, work or do homework at, a changing & ”Store yo’ stuff” room & kids/sibling hang-out room offering: a microwave, drinking fountain, refrigerator, X box, Netflix, toys, and a “take a book leave a book” library, ensures our families and dancers are well taken care of while on site.


Each dance room offers top of the line 4 speaker sound systems enhanced with sub-woofers, flat screen TVs for deepening classroom pedagogy & feedback & 5 LED wash/stage lights for atmosphere enhancement! Our facility is cleaned by a professional cleaning crew twice weekly, to ensure for a clean, warm and welcoming environment for all. Our commitment to cleanliness is STRONG! Yes, this means it smells good!! :)