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An educational track for committed dancers, who wish to pursue a deeper understanding or possible career in the arts. The Student Teacher Apprenticeship Program offers, participants the opportunity to work with faculty in developing their own teaching pedagogies, instructional techniques, and class planning, with “out of studio” mentorship, and “in studio” practicum. 


Teacher Apprentices (TAs) begin with at least one to two years of assisting Glass House Faculty in weekly classes, while working outside of the classroom with their dedicated mentor. After completing their initial phase of training. TAs graduate to the position of “Student Teacher” where they are given their own weekly class (of reduced student size) to continue developing their practicum.  Student Teachers continue to assist Glass House Faculty weekly while also working with their mentor to fine tune and hone their philosophies, communication, classroom management, and artistry. 


 Please learn more about our 2024 Student Teachers by clicking their image below: 

2023/2024 Student Teachers

2023/2024 Teacher's Assistant

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