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Sunday, April 3rd, 2022

Ikea Performing Arts Center:

400 S 2nd St, Renton, WA 98057

Doors Open: 1:30pm

Show Begins : 2:00pm 

Creative Oversite: Ethan Rome 

Little Red - Act I: 

try 2 Act1 psd.png

One beautiful autumn afternoon Little Red Riding Hood is sent to town to gather some goodies to take to her Grandparent’s house. With the help of her friends, Little Red prepares a basket of treats and sets off on a journey through the forest where she is greeted by many woodland creatures.


Choreographed by: Brittni Bryan

 Performed by: 

Sadie, Isabel, Georgia, Lila, Hadley, Leah H, Leah P, Samantha, Kenley, Julia, Sabrina, Talia, Grace, Niki, Ava, Xena and Maria.

Red's Friends

Choreographed by: Mackenzy Isaacson

 Performed by: 

Rachel, Hannah, Masha, Emi, Evelyn, Audrey, Vienna and Kendall.

Little Red

Choreographed by: Ethan Rome

 Performed by:  Ellie Chan

Understudied by: Aleanbh Keane


Choreographed by: Hannah Rothschiller


 Performed by: 

Olivia, Ryleigh, Brooklyn, Aaradhya, Millie, Ashni, Nora, Defne, Anette, Alex, and Linnea.


Choreographed by: Mackenzy Isaacson 


 Performed by: 

Maddie, Vlada, Emma, Alex, Ariella, Spriha, and Kelley .


Choreographed by: Brittni Bryan


 Performed by: 

Aurora, Sophia, Ruby, Aditi, Josephine, Annabell, Alex, Divina, Addison, Evelyn and Eden.


Please enjoy a 10 minute intermission.

Little Red - Act II: 

little red program.png

As Little Red continues deeper into the forest, she marvels at the beautify and grace that surrounds her. But the majesty of the moment is interrupted, by the harrowing sound of the most feared creature in the woods. Will Little Red ever make it to her Grandparent’s house???


Choreographed by: Hannah Rothschiller


 Performed by: 

Sprahaa, Kendra, Olivia, Lea, Aleanbh, Josie, Marlie, Sonia, Lydia, Amelia, Kathryn, Leah S, Alyssa, Ellen, Natalie, Rebecca, and Hope M.


Choreographed by: Jackson Lind


 Performed by: 

Serena, Samantha B, Katelyn, Angelina, Mia, Zoe, Savannah, Bella, Clemie, Diya, Sofia R., Sasha, Anvie, Prisha, Violet, Yana, Sophia T., Reagan, Ronnie


Choreographed by: Hannah Rothschiller


 Performed by:  Aubrey  Jeffcoat & Ruslan Romanenko

Understudied by: Kendra Lee & Angelina Durbin

Wolf Pack

Choreographed by: Hailey Sieben


 Performed by: 

Samantha Betts, Sasha Galpert, Katelyn Burmester, and Prisha Sasikumar


Choreographed by: Hailey Sieben


 Performed by: 

Avery, Salma, Hazel, Dasha, Sydney, Aashi, Loana, Audrey, Hailey, Savannah, Sadie, Lux, Stella, Violet, Aden, Natalie, Elle, and Jisha.

The Ending

Choreographed by: Ethan Rome


 Performed by: 

Ellie Chan, Aubrey  Jeffcoat, Ruslan Romanenko, Samantha Betts, Sasha Galpert, Katelyn Burmester, and Prisha Sasikumar.



 Performed by: All Cast Members

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