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New Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

I’d like to receive a tour of the studio. When is a good time?

We’d be happy to show you around any time between 4-7pm Monday-Thursday!


Can my child have a free trial class?

Of course! Every new dancer is permitted a free trial class! In fact, they are welcome to a free trial class in every style within their age division, so that they explore and discover what they like before making any time of commitment! No need to pre-schedule a trial. Simply enough just show up and check in with the front desk!


When does a new session begin? When can I enroll my child?

Glass House accepts enrollment year-round!  This means that your dancer may enroll at any time, space permitting! Beginning with Fall 2019 registration, class enrollment is ongoing, year-round. This means that once enrolled, your dancer is considered enrolled until you give written notification of withdrawal to:


Won't my child be behind if they enroll mid-season?

No! This is because classes are organized by age division, style and level. As dancer’s progress, they move up in level. This means that a level I class, is always a level I. Advancement in level is not dependent upon length of enrollment, but rather a mastery of specific skill sets. Class advancement can occur at any time! 


What class should I enroll my child in?

First, consider your dancers age division. Micro: 3-6 years old. Mini: 6-9 years old. Jr: 9-12 years old. Sr: 13 & older. Then consider style of dance: Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Contemporary or Hip Hop. Lastly, consider their experience. Dancers with none or little dance experience should enroll in level I classes. Level II & Level III classes are by instructor approval, only. 


Which classes have room?

Once you create a parent portal, enter your child’s information and enroll in autopay, you will have access to all active classes applicable to your dancer based on their age. If a class is full, it will be notated. Due to the flexibility of our enrollment & withdrawal policies, class availability changes frequently!  


The class we want is full. How long will my child be on a waitlist?

It is hard to say for certain as it could be a few days or it could be a few months. Waitlists do have movement, so please do not hesitate to add to one. You will be notified via email as soon as a spot becomes available. Also consider enrolling in a different class, while you wait for a spot to open, in a different class. We allow for dancers to switch classes at any time, without penalty. 


How do I enroll my child?

Online is the best way, right through your parent portal account!  In addition to receiving a confirmation order/receipt you will receive an email from management confirming your dancer’s registration & welcoming you to the Glass House Fam!!! 


What is the cost?

The monthly cost depends on how many weekly classes your child is enrolled in. Base tuition, for a single class weekly is $90 monthly. We do not charge any registration fees!! Tuition is automatically charged to the card on file, on the 22nd of each month, for the following months tuition. For dancers that enroll mid-month, tuition will be pro-rated for remaining classes in the month!


Are there any sibling discounts?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount of total tuition, for families with more than one child enrolled. 


What if my dancer misses a class? Will tuition be pro-rated if my dancer is absent?

No worries! Your dancer is permitted a make-up class, within 60 days of their absence. Makeup classes can occur in any class within your child’s age division, regardless of style or level. No, their monthly tuition is not pro-rated based on their attendance. 

What if the studio is closed due to an observed holiday? Will tuition be pro-rated for classes affected by these closures?

Every dancer’s monthly tuition is based on the average of there being 4 weeks of class, within a single month. This means that if one month offers lessthan 4 weeks of class, due to a studio closure or observed holiday, tuition is still the same. However, if one month offers morethan 4 weeks of class, tuition is also the same! Studio Closures/Observed Holidays have been account for in maintaining the 4-week monthly average! By doing things this way, we can offer classes on a month to month basis, without fluctuating tuition! For dancers that enroll mid-month, tuition will be pro-rated, for remaining classes in the month!


Are there any recitals/performances?

Yes! Glass House offers two different optional performances, annually. The Informal Student Showcase is offered every December. The Glass House Ball (end of the year recital) is offered every June! For more information, please visit tab “What we Offer” and then “Optional Performances”. 


Do you offer any dance teams?

Yes! We offer both performance & competitive dance teams. For more information, please visit tab “What we Offer” and then “Team Information”.