DVR for live stream

Our Live Streams have a built in DVR function. That means you can rewind any Live Stream! To do this:

Grab the scrubber bar, pictured below and move it to the left! It operates just like a YouTube video. To return to the live stream in real time just click BACK TO LIVE


Help with Screen Recording

All devices and computers have the ability to record what you see on your screen! If you are not familiar with doing this or to ensure your settings are turned on correctly we have compiled a step by step guide for the most common methods. 

How To's for screen recording



Please watch this 30 sec video! 


Please watch this 30 sec video! 

Windows 10

STEP 1)  

If you're running Win 10, just go to Apps > Store and search Xbox in the search bar. Search results should appear below that and then just select Xbox and install. After it installs it will appear in your WIndows Apps list. Click on it in the Apps list and it will ask you to sign in.


Press the Windows + G Key


Hit the record button


Please watch this 1 min 30 sec video!  (Additional free app required) 

Technology Challenged Method (Fail Proof)

Please watch this 10 sec video!