Informal Performance Showcase - 7:30PM

Tuesday, December 10th 2019

Redmond High School:

17272 NE 104th St, Redmond, WA 98052

Welcome to the 2nd annual Informal Performance Showcase presented by Glass House Dance!! This concept allows for dancers to have an opportunity to present what they have been learning & working on in class. It is aimed to be low pressure, while dancers’ practice or become acquainted with stage performance in general. You won’t see any costumes or formalities as dancers have not had an on-stage dress rehearsal or practice of any backstage logistics! Production (Lights & Sound) are running on the spot, as well! You might even see & hear on stage “helpers”, while our instructors & classroom assistants give some of our younger dancers, a little help along the way!


New this year, is the presentation of our group competitive routines for the season! At random draw, a few of our competitive soloist will be performing as well. Lastly, the work of our choreography students, will be showcased for their very first time!  


It takes real guts to present anything on a stage, and the dancers need your support & encouragement! This can be achieved by being Loud and Proud, Applauding & Cheering, and of course by demonstrating proper theater etiquette and respect. 


Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation, to give every dancer your full and undivided attention, that they so very much deserve! Enjoy the show!!! 


Golden Rule: Other audience members have been present to watch and support your dancer. So please stay to support and watch theirs. 

Please do not talk during on stage performance. 


There is no photography or videography permitted at any time, but we do have a professional videographer on site who will be filming the performance. It will be available for FREE download!  


Please turn your cellular devices to silent mode and only use them to view the program in-between routines, as to not obstruct view or distract from other audience members.


You may be asked to leave if you are seen  not cooperating with standard & proper theater etiquette.


Thank you, and enjoy the show! 

-Glass House Dance

Glass House Dance Announcements:


  • Glass House Ball Signups Open January 2nd, 2020

This performance is our HUGE end of the year recital and outdoor festival @ The Sammamish Commons! Mark your calendars for June 12th & 13th, 2020! You can see a promo video from last year at:

Or read about the Glass House Ball as it was just featured in a national dance magazine here:



  • PORTH Master Class Workshop: March 7th, 2020

3 teachers, 1 day, totally FREE! Join us on Saturday March 7th as we fly in 3 different instructors from around the country to give your dancers a full day of master class instruction at no cost to you. Styles will include Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary and are open to any Mini, Jr or Sr age dancers.  Signups are NOW open through your parent portal and more information on instructors and class times can be found at:

Space is limited. Don’t Delay!

7:30pm Show Order

1) Mini/Jr Acro I (F630) & Jr/Sr Acro I (Th730) 

Keren Iarovich | Amelia Johnson | Sydney Johnson | Lily Klett | Ellaria Li | Alexandra Luican | Josie Pommer | Olivia Snyder 

2) Mini/Jr Acro II (M430)
Kenley Eidinger | Leah Haas | Rylie Jacobsen | Leah Piper | Samantha Simmons | Charlotte Yates 

3) Jr Modern / Contemporary I (M430)
Valentina Arshinova | Addison Coyne | Leanne Kan | Aidan Kruper | Sophia Li | Adriana Troost | Lydia Vance | Maya Zamora 

4) Mini Ballet II (T530)
Kavya Arewar | Eliana Arras | Ryah Giles | Amelia Giraud | Grace Hall | Penny Reid | Leah Smith 

5) Dreams (Choreography Student)
Ava Budish 

6) Sr Hip Hop II (M830 & T830)
Sydney Bainbridge | Ricardo Brito | Kelly Colbourne | Angelina Durbin | Savannah Grubbs | Niki Kothari | Jordyn Shin | Olivia Snyder | Mallie Spikes | Nisa Thomasberg | Chelsea Xian 

7) Jr Hip Hop I (W630)
Akiko Gietzel | Keren Iarovich | Zoe Kaplan | Kathryn Kropp | Aidan Kruper | Mya Mattadeen | Avery Miller 

8) Mini Hip Hop I (T630 & F630)
Eliana Arras | Sabrina Brummett | Mira Hickl | Kaleb Kan | Ellaria Li | Quinn Newton | Camdyn Parthemer | Samira Senthil | Nethra Senthil | Leah Smith | Olivia Standley | Emerson Swinton | Hadley Swinton 

9) Mini Hip Hop II (M530)
Olivia Fong | Rylie Jacobsen | Sydney Johnson | Talia Skarbovsky 

10) Sr Hip Hop I (W730)
Pramiti Dubey | Tori Humann | Liza Iaryna | Lauren Kosich | Kate Macedo | Anika Reddy | Anita Rungsigul 

11) Jr Modern / Contemporary II (T630)
Lea Broersma | Ellie Chan | Aashka Contractor | Sasha Galpert | Aubrey Jeffcoat | Leanne Kan | Aleanbh Keane | Kendra Lee | Mango Mathe | Charley Newton | Josie Pommer | Mallie Spikes 

12) Mini Ballet III (W630)
Leah Haas | Natalie O'Neil | Leah Piper | Charlotte Yates

13) Mini Ballet I (M430 & W330)
Sadie Balloun | Finley Gendron | Ashley Hofferber | Diya Jaswanthlumar | Isha Kanvinde | Ellaria Li | Manya Mendiratta | Sana Neurgaonkar | Avni Sunil | Shuyao Yi

14) Sr Jazz Technique II (W830)
Sydney Bainbridge | Ava Budish | Kelly Colbourne | Savannah Grubbs | Liza Iaryna | Serena Khatwa | Niki Kothari | Ashley Olson | Anika Reddy | Nisa Thomasberg | Sophie Toll | Nina Varganov 

15) Jr Jazz Technique II (W630)
Lea Broersma | Brianna Fitchett | Azusa Kodaira | Mango Mathe | Nithila Panicker | Elsa Sherwood | Greta Sherwood | Jordyn Shin | Lydia Vance 

16) Sr Modern/Contemporary III (W830)
Xena Clarke | Bethany Lanier | Raegan Silbernagel

17) Jr Ballet II (T430)
Kathrine Bax | Aashka Contractor | Addison Coyne | Aleanbh Keane | Sasha Kokoskin | Gloria Kokoskin | Mallie Spikes | Virginia Vance | Ellen Vaughan 

18) 909 (Competitive Soloist)
Niki Kothari 

19) Mini Lyrical/Contemporary II (W430)
Rebecca Brown | Sabrina Brummett | Kenley Eidinger | Leah Haas | Amelia Johnson | Leah Piper | Samantha Simmons | Talia Skarbovsky | Charlotte Yates 

20) Jr Ballet III (W730)
Ellie Chan | Aubrey Jeffcoat | Kendra Lee 



*** 15-minute Intermission ***

*Dancer check out will not be permitted at this time.

21) Jr/Sr Acro II (W530)
Lea Broersma | Savannah Grubbs | Bethany Lanier | Sophia Li | Bebe Schiff 

22) Jr/Sr Acro III (M830)
Maria Bolgar | Azusa Kodaira | Marie Luican | Kate Macedo | Noelle Marineau

23) Despicable (Mini Competitive Team)
Rebecca Brown | Sabrina Brummett | Kenley Eidinger | Leah Haas | Amelia Johnson | Natalie O'Neil | Leah Piper | Samantha Simmons | Talia Skarbovsky | Ellen Vaughan | Charlotte Yates 

24) Oceans Brawl (Competitive Soloist)
Xena Clarke 

25) Look Up (Jr Competitive Team)
Ellie Chan | Sasha Galpert | Aubrey Jeffcoat | Aleanbh Keane | Kendra Lee | Josie Pommer | Mallie Spikes

26) Mini Hip Hop I (TH530)
Gracelynn Bassett | Masha Goncharenko | Isaac Gould | Tamara Muravlyannikova | Isha Pujari | Rohan Pujari 

27) Mini Jazz Technique II (TH630)
Georgia Bassett | Rebecca Brown | Hadley Hanhart | Amelia Johnson | Penny Reid | Talia Skarbovsky 

28) Sr Ballet II/III & Pointe (TH730)
Ava Budish | Xena Clarke | Niki Kothari | Bethany Lanier | Raegan Silbernagel | Sophie Toll 

29) Carry You (Competitive Soloist) 
Amelia Johnson

30) Mini Jazz Technique I (F530)
Anoushka Arunkumar | Sahana Arunkumar | Sadie Balloun | Noor Blafkin | Masha Goncharenko | Emi Goto | Lily Klett | Noyonika Srinivasan 

31) Jr Ballet II (TH630)
Lea Broersma | Sasha Galpert | Gaia Galpert | Sonia Khatwa | Josie Pommer 

32) Jr Hip Hop I (TH430)
Tegan Gould | Amelia Johnson | Dolores Lopez de Lagar | Isabel Lopez de Lagar | Sophia Rayburn | Ellen Vaughan | Clara Wood | Maya Zamora 

33) Lost in Rhythm (Choreography Student)
Aleanbh Keane 

34) Jr Hip Hop II (TH730)
Sasha Galpert | Gaia Galpert | Juliana Herd | Nithila Panicker | Kylie Piper | Sofia Rodriguez | Jamie Troxell 

35) Mini Ballet II (TH530)
Georgia Bassett | Rebecca Brown | Kenley Eidinger | Lilia Etters | Hadley Hanhart | Amelia Johnson | Lily Klett | Ellie Shulman | Samantha Simmons | Talia Skarbovsky 

36) Heebie Jeebies (Choreography Student)
Bethany Lanier 

37) Jr Jazz Technique III (M730)
Ellie Chan | Sasha Galpert | Aubrey Jeffcoat | Aleanbh Keane | Kendra Lee | Josie Pommer | Maya Shulman | Mallie Spikes

38) Donotella (Competitive Soloist) 
Samantha Simmons

39) Queen (Sr Competitive Team)
Maria Bolgar | Ava Budish | Xena Clarke | Kelly Colbourne | Savannah Grubbs | Niki Kothari | Grace O'Neil | Raegan Silbernagel | Sophie Toll | Nina Varganov  

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