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A collection of works inspired by Alice in Wonderland


Choreographed by: Brian Jolly, Mackenzy Isaacson, Ethan Rome

 Performed by: 

2023 Company 

We’re All Mad Here

Student Choreographer: Prisha Sasikumar

 Performed by: 

Mia E, Sofia R, Violet S, Kyra G, Bella L, Serena A. 

White Queens

Choreographed by: Mackenzy Isaacson, Hannah Rothchiller & Brittni Bryan


 Performed by: 

Mackenzy Isaacson, Hannah Rothchiller & Brittni Bryan

All Night

Choreographed by: Hannah Rothschiller

 Performed by:

2023 Dance Corps: Alex C, Ruby C, Piper C, Vivaan K, Lilianna H, Eden H, Abbie M, Isabelle M, Tin Tin W, Lia W, Annette Q, Josephine R, Greta R, Addison S, Blakely S


Student Choreographer: Ellie Chan


 Performed by: 

Ariella S, Eden C, Julia S, Samantha S, Maddie T, Giuliana C, Alex H, Audrey M, Spriha S, Kelley H, Vlada N, Natalie O, Leah H, Stella M.


Choreographed by: Darina Suprun & Nicson Martinez 


 Performed by: 

Darina Suprun & Nicson Martinez 

Whooo … are … you

Choreographed by: Brittni Bryan


 Performed by: 

Dancers: 2023 Dance Corps:  Molly A, Adeline B, Evelyn C, Hailey H, Ioana L, Alayna N, Aaradhya S, Grisha S, Olivia S, Ruimin S, Kaitlynn Swayne, Vienna T, Aashi U, Rachel Y. 

Mice of the Valley

Choreographed by: Mackenzy Isaacson


 Performed by: 

Varya C, Emilie D, Alicia G, Masha G, Emi G, Ryleigh K, Alice L, Aurora N, Sadie O, Eliana P, Maya P, Annabelle R, Nora S, Salma S, Hrida S, Ellie S, Eliza S, Brooklyn S, Maria T, Avery T, Hannahell Z.

Playing Cards

Choreographed by: Darina Suprun 


 Performed by: 

2023 Coalition

The Queen of Hearts

Choreographed by: Thyra Demetrick


 Performed by: Marlie Little

Understudies: Sprahaa Bhattad & Grace O’Neil


Guest Artist Trillium 


 Performed by: 

Hannah Cavallaro & Catlyn Griswell

Directed by: Ethan Rome 

Cheshire Cats

Student Choreographers: Aubrey Jeffcoat & Kendra Lee

 Performed by: 

Alice L., Aurora N, Brooklyn S., Nora S, Hrida S., Ryleigh K, Masha G, Ellie S, Avery T, Sadie O, Maria T, Annabelle J, Emi G, Hannah Z.

Through the Looking Glass

Student Choreographer: Lydia Vance

 Performed by: 

 Talia S, Kendra L, Ellie C, Aleanbh K.

Beware the Jabberwock

Student Choreographer: Anastasiia Kozlova

 Performed by: 

Clemie M, Angelina D, Ruslan R, Katelyn B, Anastasiia K.


Choreographer: Catlyn Griswell

 Performed by: 

Eden Cui, Aleanbh Keane, Maira Bhatnagar.

Understudies: Samantha Simmons & Hope McBreen 

BOWS- All Cast

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